Talent is in anyone

We believe that everyone in every part of society with powerful dreams deserves the opportunity to make their entrepreneurial dream a reality. Our 10 month academy is designed to help you create your dream company and unleash the entrepreneur in you, propelling you into new possibilities.
We promise the following in our free Academy
You will start your company
You will have a company, may be it is funded by sales or external money, may be its a team of 3 or 10. But we promise you that you will be running your company within the academy.
Make Money - Create Impact
We do not pride ourselves in text books but instead in experience of actually trying. Our academy is hands on, and designed to give your company a higher chance to succeed.
Entrepreneurs as teachers
Receive coaching and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs who have created successful several hundred million dollar businesses. No academic knowledge. Only direct skills that will make you rich and smart.
Mix of Men-Women;
Swedes - New Swedes
All cohorts in our academy will mix equally between men, women, Swedish and immigrants. We think diversity creates winners in everyone.
Network of creators
You will be part of a chosen peer group of creators, inspiring change makers, talented students that you will share laughs, high-fives and many moments that you will remember for a long time to come.
Let your dreams become reality in the most innovative building in all of Stockholm, join the magic! The Academy will be at Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, Stockholm.
The dream we want to enable
"In our lab everyone with a dream can own a piece of our digital future and get connected, walk the streets with pride and be respected, have bold visions and not be suspected, start a business and grow self esteem and wake up every morning in their own dream"

Who should join us?
Passion to learn and create
You have the will and determination to create something from a potentially brilliant idea or have a problem that you are passionate to solve
Right attitude
You see challenges as an exciting opportunity to evolve, you don't think society owes you a better life. In fact you strongly believe its your responsibility to find and create meaningful opportunities
Fire in the belly
You have an inner desire to succeed by creating your own dreams, inspiring others to follow and work with you, and don't take no for an answer
Students selected are expected to form teams to create companies, learn through mentors, experts and peers, and allocate time to make their idea into companies
Program Time Commitment
Course Guiding Principles
The guiding principles within the academy is based on a combination of skills and super skills. Skills that makes an individual an intrapreneur (e.g. online marketing), a group of individuals a winning team (e.g. raising money, recruiting) and the whole cohort happier, more empathetic and self-leaders in society.
Detailed curriculum coming soon

Your future mentors
As mentioned, the brilliant people below are all experienced entrepreneurs who will give you the best coaching and guidance if you want to be a successful entrepreneur
Ola Ahlvarsson
Entrepreneur: 20+ companies
Intrapreneur: 50+ enterprises like McDonald's, SAS, SEB etc
Mahesh Kumar
Entrepreneur: MagineTV, FitnessCollection,
Intrapreneur: SEB, Merck, Telenor, Stronghold
Erik Wikström
Entrepreneur: Icon Media Labs, MagineTV
Intrapreneur: Merck, SEB
Adrian McDonald
Entrepreneur: Widespace
Intrapreneur: Microsoft, Telenor, SEB
And many more...
Apply to the program
The program is completely free of charge. You fill in an application to tell us why you want to be part of it. We will get in touch with you shortly after.
We have since 1999 been creating and expanding companies internationally
From the early days of the web in the 90s, we have created value through digital entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
Segregation and Opportunity hate each other
Society today is getting more ruptured and segregated. We have too many disillusioned youngsters and immigrants who feel robed of their future. We believe entrepreneurship creates new opportunities, new role models and new ways of thinking about one's future.
Together we are stronger
In our academy, we will have 50% native Swedes and 50% newly arrived Swedes, 50% men and 50% women. This vibrant mix over time helps get rid of biases and most importantly creates a platform for new jobs, integrated individuals, role models and over time a happier society
Maybe you have more questions, here are some answers
What are the program requirements?
Passion, right attitude, growth mindset, fire in the belly or a kick ass business idea.
What does the program cost?
Our program is free of charge.
What documents do I need to provide in my application?
Your creative task
What qualification will I gain from this program?
"Free (or nearly free) educations already exists. Debt comes from wanting a piece of paper that implies you're smart." - Elon Musk. You will have the qualification to build a successful company.
How can I learn more about this program?
Look in to our website http://result.com/academy or email us at info@result.com
Ask us anything
Please send an email to the above address and we will get back to you

C/o Epicenter
Mäster Samuelsgatan 36
Stockholm, Sweden

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